Invisible Man Artist: Putting People At Center

Yesterday my wife showed me a series of photos, but first she explained it was a test to see whether I could find what was hidden in the photo. Most were pics of nature and the intricate disguises used sometimes for protection and most times to catch prey.

But then she turned to this pic, and I honestly couldn’t tell what I was looking at in this photo at first glance. Wild, isn’t it?


The man looked like something from X-Files or Fringe, a hologram, invisible man, floating in front of real life. Clearly he is at the center of the picture, but my first thought was a doctored photo.


Not so. Chinese artist Liu Bolin, 37, has taking blending in to a whole new level. According to a story by the Foreign Mail Service from summer 2009, Bolin takes up to 10 hours after finding a setting to determine where and how he will blend in, then, with the help of an assistant, he paints himself to literally blend into the background, perfectly.


I couldn’t help but look two, three, four times or more, and I had to find this guy online. What a fascinating concept.


After you get past the cool or bizarre or wow factor of many of his photos, you can’t help but think of the commentary on daily life that this tells. How often do we want to just blend in and not stand out? How often do we want to stand out but we’re stuck in with the crowd? Do we really see what is around us? Are we part of the fabric of the world around us?

Very interesting. The talent required to pull this off is hard for me to imagine. It gets you thinking about many ways you could really put consumers in the center of your world… hmmm… fun!

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  1. Rama #

    Dear Maury,
    I chanced upon this blog last week. Very interesting indeed.
    The artist has very well achieved to make the presence of the invisible in the frames. Very connected with your topic on putting people at the center!

    Incidentally, i am currently editing a e-newsletter on consumer centricity to be circulated within the team, for information sharing only(no commercial interest).
    I thought of taking one of the pictures from this blog as the cover page for the e-newsletter. Can I do that? I shall mention the link to the blog in the acknowledgement section.
    Thanks for your reply.

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